We are committed to making all our activities at Sco-Fro sustainable, for the sake of our planet and the benefit of our customers, our suppliers and our business.


We set ourselves a target to ensure that all our palm oil was sustainably sourced by 2015.  We are pleased to confirm we have already reached our target.  All our palm oil, an important ingredient in our grocery products, is currently supplied either under the Green Palm Certificate Scheme or RSPO approved sustainable palm oil.

Our Icelandic long line cod and haddock provide a sustainable and highly sought after product, with fish typically caught, processed and frozen all within 48 hours.

  • We  use small long line boats. These fast and economically feasible day boats use passive fishing gear which protects and preserves the marine environment in the best possible way.
  • All our sourcing is based on sustainable use of marine resources to ensure a viable environment through conservation of biodiversity and marine ecosystems.
  • We hold current fishing accreditation on the identified sourcing supply of Long Line Cod/Haddock: RFM ( Icelandic Responsible Fisheries) and FOTS ( Friend of the Sea)

Our approach delivers the best eating cod and haddock for the consumer, fished responsibly.


Wherever possible, all our packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable.  This also applies to our products sourced outside the UK.